France anxious by Syrian army offensive in Idlib, wants Astana deal respected

Russian President Vladimir Putin

WILL STEWART STEP AHEAD Vlad pushes back against the terrorists who used UAVs to attack Russia

The ministry noted that a US Navy Poseidon reconnaissance aircraft was flying over the region between the Russian bases in Latakia and Tartus for some four hours around the time of the drone attack.

Russian Federation says 13 armed drones have recently been used to attack its air base and its naval facility in western Syria.

"The fact of usage of strike aircraft-type drones by terrorists is the evidence that militants have received technologies to carry out terrorist attacks using such uncrewed aerial vehicles in any country", the ministry said. "Rather than have the Russian electorate focus on massive corruption or on a weak economy, Mr. Putin prefers to have them focus instead on Russia's alleged return to a great power status", Hof added.

Col-General Sergey Melikov
WILL STEWART FIGHTING BACK Col General Sergey Melikov insists Russia is pioneering drone tech developments

Turkey called on Russian Federation and Iran on Wednesday to pressure Syrian authorities to halt a military offensive in Syria's rebel-held Idlib province, which Damascus launched despite an global deal to reduce hostilities there.

Dmitry Sablin, a lawmaker who coordinates parliamentary links with Syria, told the Interfax news agency the attack was even bigger than the Russian military acknowledged, involving 31 drones.

"What I am seeing here is the use of the presence of al Nusra and HTS as an excuse to attack civilians and moderate oppositions", Cavusoglu added.

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The drone attack, however, came less than a week after two Russian servicemen were killed in a sustained mortar assault on the same base, which appears to have caused some damage to Russian military assets.

One of the drones captured by the Russian military.

The Pentagon has denied involvement, but Russian officials appeared unconvinced, noting the "strange coincidence" that a U.S. surveillance plane overflew the Russian bases just ahead of the attempted drone attacks. "But now they might bomb more after these false accusations".

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Ankara has supported the anti-Assad opposition throughout the nearly seven-year Syrian civil war while Russian Federation and Iran have backed President Bashar al-Assad.

The rebel groups responded to the Russian escalation with attacks on Russian targets in Syria, including Khmeimim air base. "This merely emphasizes the need for stepping up political settlement efforts". Moscow and Ankara have backed opposite sides in the conflict, but they struck a deal previous year to set up de-escalation zones, which also involved Iran, another Assad backer.

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