Former Motorstorm, Driveclub Devs Establish Wushu Studios

Figini's work on Mass Effect 3

Figini's work on Mass Effect 3

Formed of industry veterans from AAA studios like Deep Silver, Broken Sword dev Revolution Software and racing game specialists Evolution, Wushu Studios started operating in August 2017, before prototyping its first project in September.

If you loved Motorstorm and Driveclub, then the formation of a new studio in the United Kingdom may be of interest to you - though intriguingly, the new firm says its first offering won't be a driving game. Now there are a total of 11 developers working at the studio and their first project, which began prototyping in September 2017, is still early in development utilizing Unreal Engine 4.

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Former members of the MotorStorm and DriveClub development teams have set up shop in Liverpool, England with a new work force known as Wushu Studios. Wushu Studios, based in Liverpool, was originally founded in August of a year ago and since September, have already begun prototyping the studio's debut game. In pursuit of other creative avenues, Alan left Sony after 11 years and worked as creative director on the critically acclaimed VR god-game Tethered in 2016. Stuart Trevor is on board as art director with titles under his belt such as Dark Souls and Saint's Row, and they've gotten BioWare's Alex Figini to help with concept art, too. It will be a new IP "with a tantalizing and unexpected take on the science fiction genre". Shinobi is most known for his informal tweets about inside video game scoops, breaking news, and much more.

"Our core team at Wushu have worked together closely on numerous projects over the years so there was no downtime in figuring out how to work together", said McDermott.

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"We firmly believed in the idea that our initial concepts needed to be gamepad experiences as quickly as possible, so we turned to Unreal Engine for its awesome rapid prototyping capabilities", writes studio boss Alan McDermott in the release.

He's joined by Nigel Kershaw as design director, who also worked on MotorStorm, though they want to emphasize that their first project is absolutely not a racing game.

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