Why Trump's Kwanzaa Message Is Being Ridiculed RN

Why Trump's Kwanzaa Message Is Being Ridiculed RN

Why Trump's Kwanzaa Message Is Being Ridiculed RN

Trump's three-sentence statement, issued Tuesday, contained similar language to Obama's previous remarks but included little of Obama's emphasis on the broader values of African-American heritage.

In 2011, Trump criticized then-President Obama, claiming he was downplaying Christmas.

President Donald Trump released a statement Tuesday celebrating the African American holiday of Kwanzaa.

Why Trump's Kwanzaa Message Is Being Ridiculed RN

Instead, as one of the newer holidays, the celebration was formed to instil racial pride and unity within the black community.

In Obama's statements about the holiday, he consistently emphasized the values that all Americans can find in culture celebrated on Kwanzaa.

Happy Kwanzaa! The holiday, which celebrated its 50th anniversary a year ago, kicks off December 26.

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Kwanzaa runs through January 1.

Kwanzaa is Swahili and means "first fruits".

The candles - one black, three red and three green - each symbolize a different principle: unity (umoja), self-determination (kujichagulia), collective responsibility (ujima), cooperative economics (ujamaa), goal (nia), creativity (kuumba) and faith (imani). Each day has a different theme, including self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity and faith.

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Each family celebrates Kwanzaa differently but festivities commonly involve dancing, singing, gift giving and a large traditional meal.

Earlier in the day, it seemed possible that Trump would be the first president in decades to fail to make note of the Kwanzaa holiday, but that situation, at least, was averted.

In New Britain, Trinity on Main is to host Kwanzaa Celebration 2017 on Saturday from 7-9 p.m. Kwanzaa is the celebration of a culture, not a religion.

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